Funny Business Trilogy Launch

4 Jul

Where: The Old Arcade, Church Street, Cardiff    Date: Thursday, July 7   Time: 7pm

Ok, we now have better confirmed details, with the following running order.

Event will start as close to 7pm as possible. Open mic will be from approx 7pm-7.25pm with just around 5 people reading, on a first come, first served basis. The funnier the better.

There will then be an approximately 10 minute break for people to buy drinks, socialise, etc.

Next we have our support act, who is almost 100% confirmed. She will read for around 10-15 minutes, starting at around 7.35pm.

Another short break, then I (Nick) will be launching the Funny Business series from approx 8pm. I’ll read mostly from the three books in the series, plus a couple of brand new poems from around 8pm-8.30pm.

Anyone who hasn’t bought books by this stage can then buy books, with a view to the event winding up shortly after. Anyone is of course welcome to continue sampling the excellent ales that Mark and his team at The Old Arcade have to offer.


Yes, we will be remembering Rick on this night, but I’m sure RIck would not have minded us having a night of life, laughter and Brains on tap. In that order. By way of commemoration.

All three finalised versions of the books in the trilogy will be on sale, as well as older Fiskian books, plus one or two other books by other people.

Of the Trilogy, Topher Mills has said: Modernist, humorous, political and personal. He combines satire with real emotion

Of Moving On, Robert Minhinnick has said: First Finch then the indefatigable Fisk

Tracey Rhys has said: With Moving On, Nick Fisk is back. A surreal, funny, poignant and controversial voice in Welsh poetry.

Mab Jones: Idiosyncratic, individual, set in the every day but with influences of music and pop culture; a little bit rebellious; a little bit blokey, but always up for a laugh