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27 Apr

Here are all of my self-published books of poetry that are still available.

Below are: Pure Diamonds, Rushin’ on Diamonds and Diamonds & Dragons.

These are priced at £1, £1, and £2 respectively. Limited numbers of each left.

For more info on any of these books, please see

If you would like to purchase any of these books, please send via paypal to adding £1.50 for postage. Just leave a note saying which book/s you would like.

If you happen to live outside of the UK, send me a note, and I’ll suggest a cost for postage.

Anyone living near to me welcome to collect and of course postage will not be included.

Below is the compilation book containing the best of the above three books, titled Daimunz R 4E4

The first image was the first version of the book to be released (now sold out).

The next image is the slightly updated version with new cover and a spine!
There is an identical version of this book with spangly cover.

This book costs £4.34 (plus postage). Same email via paypal if you’d like to buy and just let me know which version (normal or spangly) you’d like.


The two books below (middle and left). came a little later. Departure Lounge 25 was the “single before the album”, Departure Lounge 58. DL25 contains some poems from DL58, plus some extras (the “b-sides”). Departure Lounge 25 is priced at £2.50 and Departure Lounge 58, £5.80. On the right (below) is 5x4x5x4+1, a form of concept book which is priced at £4.50.

Futurist was actually my very first self published book, originally published in 2000. I have just one or two of these left, priced at £5.01. This featured a free pull-out poster of the holy ghost.

Recently, I have updated Futurist. Futuristii has a few edited poems, one or two new poems, slightly different imagery, and a free pull-out poster of Da Revolution. This also comes with the Futuristii handbook. This is priced at £10.05. A reasonable number left but was a very small print run.


Finally, there is my book 20. This was to commemorate 20 years of my writing. It compiles the best poems from all my books, plus some extras (72 poems in total). This book is strictly limited to 20 copies, each numbered. It is available in hardback format and costs £20, but I will send these with free postage.

These are all in addition to my book published by Parthian, The Blues Are Back in Town, my autobiog Gospel and Gossip (free to read/download online), and most recently, my new book of poetry, won in the seventh published by Iconau (click the image to go to the Iconau website).


won in the seventh contains the three books from the Funny Business trilogy which are still available. See this page for more information.

I also have copies of books by my good friend J Brookes. I helped John put together The Dresden Cantata (again featuring a fantastic cover image by Naive John). This is priced at £6.99. I also have copies of John’s book with the amusing title of Book. This is £5.00. I can again take paypal payments for either of these, and don’t worry, John will of course receive his 1% cut.

His most recently published book, Hymns Ancient & Modern is published by Parthian. If you would like to buy this, please go to the Parthian website.


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