Missed Out

16 Dec

I applauded the last, and the away team’s third,

At the last ever game at Ninian Park;

We missed out on the play-offs, have you heard?


The manner in which it happened was quite absurd,

The extent of the collapse was clearly stark,

We ended up seventh, when we could have been third.


On the last day, it was as many had feared,

Cardiff failed to make their mark,

Pipped by Preston, seemed totally weird.


Three games before, a 6-0 loss was incurred,

The players, it would seem, had lost their spark,

And suddenly everything was kind of blurred.


But still, not to make it seemed absurd,

A draw with Charlton, before back to Nin Park,

And hope that the players had now been spurred.


But when Ipswich knocked in the last, and their third,

Suddenly the world seemed incredibly dark,

This was just surreal, how could it have occurred?


No longer feel like being a Bluebird,

Especially with the closing of Ninian Park,

If it hadn’t been for the away team’s third,

We’d have made the play-offs, haven’t you heard?



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