Square goes to Miami: In Search of the Chocolate Welsh Cake

17 Dec

I didn’t have too many plans for the next day. I booked myself into the motel for another night, but I decided I’d find an internet connection to see about getting a better hotel closer to the beach. To be honest, it didn’t take too much time for me to decide there was no way I was going to afford any of the hotels down there. Maybe if I’d booked them months in advance, and as part of a package, but just over the weekend, the night before, there was no way. So it looked as if I’d be continuing my stay at the Miami Springs Motel, and I’d be seeing more of Eric, Bob and Chocolate.

I played a bit of poker with Bob, who knew the basics of the game, I think, but was not exactly au fait with texas hold-em. He seemed keen to try and invent a new type of game, one that involved using wild cards, and this was entertaining for a while. It made a change to play some different rules, and makes you think really how pathetically addicted people have become to just one variant of the game. I also became friendly with other of the motel’s guests. I met some Mexicans who shared their tequila with me, and tried to teach me a variant of rummy, but try as I might, I couldn’t quite fathom it. I met some guys from Washington State, ie. Terry and 3 of his younger relatives. As they were fans of college basketball, I spent a fair bit of the weekend watching it on TV – something I hadn’t anticipated I’d be doing, having travelled all this way.

That night, we went to a nearby strip club. It was free entry, and in fact, I got away without paying any of the girls tips as well. I played pool with one of Terry’s nephews, and tried to make the excuse that I wasn’t even watching them because I was playing pool. There were no absolute stunners anyway, from what I recall. And they looked a bit plastic, with great big round fake tits. Genuinely, I was not really interested. I think I was actually thinking about trying to chat up a girl back at the bar next to the motel, and also, because all the drink seemed to have got to me, I got Terry to drive me back. I did go into the bar there, but took only a couple of sips on a beer, before having to go out and throw up! So I then had another earlyish night…

My third day was going to be all about the night. I’d managed to get on the guest-list for a pretty decent club, with a top line up, simply by clicking a link that had been supplied in DJ Mag. Terry also tried it, but by this time, the guest list was full, so once again I’d be going on my own. I was now a bit more wised up with regard to looking after my money, so no more Bob’s taxiing service, I decided I’d take the bus.

I ended up spending quite a bit of time on the buses in Miami. It almost became like my main experience of the place, sad as that might sound! You do get a feel for the local people on a bus, though. And it was a pretty cheap ride – $2 got you anywhere you wanted. If you have a bike with you, these go on the front of the outside of the bus. If you’re in a wheelchair, like here, there is a ramp to help you get onto the bus, but unlike the UK, where you see the ramp used quite infrequently, in Miami, I must have seen at least 3 wheelchair users in just a couple of days, each one of them being obese on an elephantine scale.

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