Prince – Breakfast Can Wait

7 Sep

Prince is back with this cheeky little number. Not a great deal of fanfares to welcome this return, but what a fantastic return it is. It’s said that being both funny and sexy is not easy: Prince achieves this with consummate ease.

Here he is bemoaning his bird getting up to get brekkie, instead of staying in bed to satisfy his purpleness. I find myself taken back to a similar situation I faced a few years back. I’d met someone in a pub, and before I knew it, I’d had my jeans pulled down to my ankles, and we were shagging against a car, on Elm Street of all places (but this was no nightmare). Easily my quickest pull-to-shag success, it was like scoring a goal in the first minute of a match. For style purposes, I’d suggested we move to a classier car – a Jag or Mercedes or something – further down, but she was happy up against the Corsa or whatever it was.  In her nearby flat, we continued a night of passion to rival Prince with his “23 positions in a one night stand”. I woke up to her practically proposing, but despite my saying much earlier in the night that I hated one night stands, that’s how it ended up.

But anyway! The reason for this lengthy diversion was I remember distinctly that we had planned to get up for breakfast, but instead, as Prince would have preferred, we stayed in bed, continued having sex, and forgot all about the breakfast (see last-but-one poem in the sequence below): About Cazz.htm

Prince makes even a relatively ordinary breakfast, “Hotcakes smothered in honey” sound sexy, but puts in an equally convincing case for the alternative to this that he craves. There are so many great lines in this song. From the opening “Finally my eyes are open” – is this girl so amazing that she’s opened his eyes to her beauty, or is he just referring to waking up after a deep sleep? – to references to the police, who he thought were “gonna come” cos she cried so loudly! I love the fact that Prince, in desperation at the end, even plays the race card to try and lure his lover back. Hinting that she might be white, he implores, “You can’t leave a black man in this state!”

Comparisons between food and sex in songs and literature are pretty common place, but there can be few songs that work as well as this one. Prince proves that age – he is now 55 – is still no barrier to his rampant sex drive, or to his ability to write classic 3 minute pop songs.

People talk about The Arctic Monkeys being good song writers – there must be 10 great Prince songs for every one they’ve penned. And he has apparently proved internet savvy with this one as well – cannot find this track as a free download – it’s not even on youtube – so perhaps he’s spent some money to prevent this. Absolutely worth paying to download this one though, and the other 3 tracks released along with it all also worth a listen. I love “Extraloveable Reloaded” which on the face of it seems like a fairly commonplace homage to a lover, until he comes out with a line like, “If ever you need someone to take a shower with”, and again, it’s sexy/funny time. You can imagine it being one of Prince’s own drunk texts, and a man unashamed to share his drunk texts with the world is worthy of applause.