Tom Hingley & The Kar-pets, The Lanes, Bristol, May 14

21 May

Tom Hingley Kar-pets

Fisk had been looking forward to this gig for some time and the man Tom did not disappoint. The only thing that was slightly disappointing was the relatively small attendance, but I think this one, for some reason was not billed as being part of the tour, so maybe a warm-up for Mr Hingley and the Kar-pets. My review of the gig is on Louderthanwar for all to see. Since the review, I have been corrected by Tom – his book “Carpet Burns” is not about a tiff with the band, but instead a nostalgic trip down Inspiral Carpets lane. If Fisk had done his research he’d have known this of course.

I had had one or two too many shandies, so instead of staying for the post-gig shenanigans which were going on till 3am, I thought it wise to head back to the coach station instead. I had an hour or so, and slightly arduous wait for my coach back to Cardiff. In this time, I got myself a subway, and this almost came up on the returning coach, but fortunately it did not. I sat right at the front to keep travel sickness at bay. The coach pulled in to Sophia Gardens around an hour later, and it was taxi time for me  – the last thing I wanted was to be walking through the zombie-like atmosphere that is Cardiff town centre on a Friday night at around 3am. Despite feeling none too well, my recollection of a great night remained intact.