Three Books Feared Dead Rediscovered!

24 Aug

In 2022, quite an exciting thing happened to me which was having my first book of poetry published that I did not self-publish. This book was won in the seventh,

available from Iconau Books here The book contains the Funny Business trilogy, plus a few extra poems.

The book was entered into the Welsh Book of the Year. However, in order for it to be entered and to meet certain entry criteria, we had to play down the existence of the Funny Business books and their availability prior to the release of won in the seventh.

Now that the Welsh Book of the Year has taken place (and needless to say our book was not amongst the nominations), I think I can fairly safely say that the books are all back available again, both in physical format (see below) and as ebooks (please visit

If you’d like to pay for any of these books, please send relevant payment (outlined below)
via paypal to  Just check the cost of what you’d like,
forward payment and add a note to say what you’d like sent by post in return.

The latest are those in the Funny Business Series:

Funny Business comprises poems by the self-styled poker playing poet.
It is a mini collection of post break-up, post breakdown, post Brexit poems
that originally came out in 2016, and has now been revised in 2022.
This book is priced at £2.92 + £1.50 postage so £4.42 total

After an attempt at ditching online poker, Fisk found his creative juices flowing again, and rattled off this book quite quickly, as a follow up to Funny Business, early in 2022.
This book is priced at £4 plus £1.50 postage so £5.50 total.

Of Moving On, Robert Minhinnick has said:
“First Finch, then the indefatigable Fisk”

Tracey Rhys has said: “With Moving On,
Nick Fisk is back. A surreal, funny, poignant
and controversial voice in Welsh Poetry”

In Closure, Fisk has finally reconciled himself as a poker addict.
Not much more to say about this book than that.

If you need Closure, also £4+£1.50 postage so £5.50 total, please pay via paypal, or cheque once again.

To buy all three books as one package, that is, Funny Business, Moving On, and Closure, this will cost £9.50+£2 postage. Please send to above email address,
or a cheque (or postal order) in this instance for the relevant sum.

All other enquires, please email:

Address for cheques:
Square Books Ltd, 2 Richmond House, Richmond Road, Cardiff CF24 3AR

Other books available will be added here soon.

Digital versions of the books are available for free from